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Tattoo Styles A-Z

Explore The Australian Tattoo Expo’s guide to tattoo types!

If you are deciding which style of tattoo you want to get, or are just curious, take a dive and check out some popular and niche tattoo styles – you might even find some you didn’t know were possible! Once you choose your tattoo style, head over to the Artist Directory and select your tattoo style in the drop down menu to begin finding artists who are attending the next Tattoo Expo near you!

3D Tattoo

As an optical illusion, 3D tattoos make your ink come to life and give the impression that the bee or spider tattoo is actually sitting on you. Exact subject lighting and shading are essential for 3D tattoos. These methods can make some tattoo elements look closer and farther apart. When you combine these methods, your tattoos will almost seem to fly off your skin.

Image Credits: Debrart AshyB1

Abstract Tattoo

In order to express ideas, abstract art concentrates on the shapes, colours, and textures that make up reality rather than necessarily trying to depict the world around us. By including more aesthetically pleasing images, such as haphazard shapes, blobs of colour, and various line styles, abstract tattoos adhere to the same concepts. These designs frequently place more emphasis on aesthetics than meaning, and artists frequently create their own styles based on their preferences and experiences.

Abstract tattoos adhere to such narrow notions that the tattoo itself turns into a piece of art and often serves as the artist’s signature, much like the signature on a painting. When looking at abstract tattoos, it’s crucial to select a skilled tattoo artist whose work you enjoy to make sure it matches your style and what you envision for your ink.

Ambigram Tattoo

One can interpret it either this way or that way, words in ambigram tattoos have special font styles or are completely customised to allow them to be read in the same way when flipped or inverted. In spite of its initial widespread popularity, this particular type of tattoo has now faded into obscurity in favour of newer, more contemporary designs.

Tattoo by Buch ReyesTattoo by Riverwood Tattoo

Anatomical Tattoo

If you appreciate human body components, like muscles, bones, hearts and more, anatomical tattoo designs could be right for you. Although you don’t have to be a doctor or dentist to appreciate them, anatomical tattoos are the most accurate depictions of human anatomy there are.

In reality, a lot of people obtain anatomical tattoos to commemorate their fractured bones from various incidents, including vehicle accidents, mountain biking, and sports-related injuries. They have a wide range of potential meanings. Even a physical set of lungs might represent someone who has survived lung cancer.


Anime Tattoo

Characters and memories from comics, cartoons, video games, and animations come to life in this style, which is also known as cartoons. Fans of the genre who want to physically express their passion for particular characters and series frequently get them tattooed. Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Dragonball, Death Note, and Neon Genesis Evangelion are some of the most well-known anime series and characters.

Tattoo by Carly KawaiiTattoo by Isnard Barbosa

Biomechanical Tattoo

If you like gears, robots or the Terminator movie franchise, tattoos with a biomechanical theme might be for you! Biomechanical Tattoos consist of components that are linked under the skin’s surface and are represented in 3D.

Maybe you’ve always wanted an electronic robot arm or leg but haven’t been able to afford it, now is your chance to upgrade!

Tattoo by Brad BakoTattoo by Bio Ink Tattoos

Black & Grey Tattoo

It really is exactly how it sounds, but a black and grey tattoo is more than simply colourless. Black & Grey tattoo designs aim to give the tattoo some breathing room without overpowering you with vivid colours and over saturation. When it comes to black and grey, or contemporary monochromatic, tattoos, there is nowhere to hide. This style may show everything and anything in varying shades of grey. While it can cover a wide range of subject matters and genres, realistic and hyper-realistic depictions are among the most remarkable shapes that black and grey may take.

For traditional black and grey tattoos, the tattooist will use a gentle tattoo machine to put in smooth shading, a technique known as grey wash. In the past, before the emergence of white ink, grey was achieved by diluting black ink. Many modern tattoos are done with a monochromatic look achieved by combining black and white ink.

Tattoo by Jimi MayTattoo by Dodepras

Blackout Tattoo

A blackout tattoo is one in which the majority of the space is filled with solid black ink. The term “blackout” refers to the practice of covering unwanted tattoos or poorly executed tattoos with new ones without resorting to laser removal. However, blackouts may also be used to create interesting negative space patterns and white ink tattoos.

Tattoo by Jordan CorneilTattoo by ephemeral remy

Blackwork Tattoo

Blackwork is an evolved product originally of tribal culture. One of the most popular styles today, it is distinguished by the employment of just black ink. Black ink is a highly flexible tattoo “colour”, and there is a lot that can be done with it. You may find tattoos in a variety of styles in blackwork artists’ portfolios, including traditional flash designs, old sacred geometry, contemporary abstract decorative motifs, and even incredibly detailed illustrations.

It’s essential to recognize the difference between blackwork and black & grey tattoos: black works are created using only the colour black and negative (skin) space, just like you’d see on a tribal tattoo, whereas black & grey tattoos are made using black ink and several shades of grey obtained through the process of “grey washing” which involves dilution of black ink in distilled water.

Tattoo by pesteTattoo by Alessio Vanzan

Blast Over Tattoo

Have a fading tattoo? Got a tattoo you’d rather throw to the wind? Blast-over tattooing is when you take an existing tattoo and add another design on top of it.

Although officially a cover-up tattoo design, blast-over ink was created by people who have too much body art but just want more. Blast-over tattoos are a terrific technique to add more artwork to a skin canvas that is already covered in ink when space is at a premium.

Tattoo by Munsters IncorporatedTattoo by Alex Bage

Brushstroke Tattoo

Brushstrokes are incorporated into the design in this manner to produce some exquisitely stunning works. Black is the preferred colour for brushstrokes in this style, however, other colours are also used. Modern tattoo artists employ brushstrokes in highly creative ways, fusing them with a range of topics to produce really one-of-a-kind artwork. Because of this, brushstroke designs are among the trickier patterns to imitate.

Tattoo by E nal tattooTattoo by Lee Stewart

Brutal Tattoo

The Brutal Black Project, which attempts to resurrect the traditional and ceremonial components of tattooing to protect it from what its creators regard as the soulless commodification of the art, is responsible for making the Brutal tattoo style prominent. Brutal Black practices the purposeful infliction of suffering in order to achieve transcendence by covering vast expanses of skin in nothing but thick, gloomy black.

Tattoo by ValerioTattoo by Valerio

Buddhism Tattoo

Buddhism is a delightfully inclusive religion, which is one of the factors why Buddhism has attracted so many followers from all over the world. This encourages those who practice Buddhism to get tattoos on their bodies to show their dedication to the skin. It provides individuals with a means of expressing their love and fidelity to their faith.

Since the ninth century, tattooing has been a tradition in several Buddhist societies. This practice is called  Sak Yant or Yantra tattooing. The skin will be inscribed with Indian yantra patterns by the Buddhist monk, ruesi, and wicha practitioner using a pointed metal rod.

Usually depicting gods, animals, or religious words and symbols, the designs are said to grant the wearer money, power, and protection.


Cartoon Tattoo

The style of the cartoon tattoo is modelled from your favourite vintage Saturday morning cartoons. These tattoos may be true cartoon characters or just about anything reinterpreted in the cartoon tattoo style, and they both look awesome. The Simpsons, DragonballZ, Looney Tunes, The Flinstones, Rick and Morty, Scooby-Doo, and South Park are a few popular cartoon tattoos.

ImageTattoo by Jenny Boulger

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic warriors in antiquity used tattoos as a component of their fighting strategy. The British Isles, which now include Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, was home to the majority of the Celts. Celtic warriors used a concoction created from the woad plant’s leaves, which produced a blue dye, to tattoo their chests and arms.

The Celtic cross, the five-fold circle, swirls, spirals, and knots are a few of the most popular symbols. Celtic knots, which are among the most well-known examples of the style, represent ties in life, much like the early labyrinth patterns.

Tattoo by Klarysa MImage

Chicano Tattoo

The Chicano style has had such a strong cultural impact that it has also influenced other styles. rich in historical references to the Pachuco culture, the Mexican Revolution, and Los Angeles low-riders. The style was created by inmates who used the limited resources at their disposal to skilfully depict the things they adored and missed about life outside of prison walls. This kind of tattooing, which is often done in thin lines, black and grey, and is influenced by Chicano culture, is utterly captivating.

Chicano Tattoo by LennyBTattoo by Bloodline Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing, also known as “Micropigmentation,” is a well-liked cosmetic procedure that involves carefully placing safe colour pigments beneath the skin’s surface. This procedure rapidly enhances the attractiveness and facial definition and, in most cases, has a long-lasting impact. Basically, this is a cosmetic procedure that gives your eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks definition with a smooth, natural appearance that mimics expertly placed makeup or the most subtle of additions and lasts for several months.

Cosmetic Eyelid TattooingCosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

Dotworking Tattoo

Dotworking, which should not be confused with Hand Poking, is a tattoo technique that employs just black and grey ink and may be applied by hand or using an electric tattooing machine as little dots to create shading and gradients. This 90s-era fashion was influenced by Pointillism and other post-impressionist methods.

Symmetric patterns, 3D effects, and the use of negative space created by a lack of dots are among this style’s most prevalent characteristics. 

Tattoo by Crhis JonesTattoo by Liris Ink

East Asian Tattoo

Similar to Polynesian art, these tribal styles feature large, dark patterns, but their subjects, often the sun, divide them stylistically and conceptually. They also frequently use visuals that explain their background.


Fineline / Fine Line Tattoo

Fine-line tattoos, as a tattooing aesthetic, are noticeably more delicate. Additionally, since they are less difficult to conceal, the fine-line tattoo style has gained appeal among individuals wishing to get their first tattoo. Also, there are many who deliberately seek out delicate tattoos because they think of them to be highly appealing. In spite of their seeming ease, fine-line tattoos are complex in practice and require the skill of a trained artist to guarantee they heal properly and look good for a long time.

tattoo by sydney fine lineTattoo by pantera ink

Flip Face / Face Ambigram Tattoo

Similar to Lettering Ambigrams, Flipface tattoos are generally speaking, tattoos of faces that can be flipped upside down to create a second alternate image or face. Flip Face tattoos are most common in traditional, blackwork or black and grey styles.

tattoo by davecooktattoo by jade_alexandra_tattoos

Freehand Tattoo

Without using stencils or pre-made pictures, a freehand tattoo is sketched on the client and then tattooed. Instead of using a stencil, freehand artists will draw directly on the skin with markers. With the use of this technique, you may design a tattoo that exactly suits your body’s natural flow and structure while yet being incredibly original.

All Pictures shown here are by artist Aaron Norton, an incredible Freehand Artist.

Tattoo by Aaron NortonTattoo by Aaron Norton

Geometric Tattoo

At the moment, geometric tattoos are really fashionable and, when done well, maybe truly timeless. They may just include geometric components or may include both geometric and organic (typically floral or natural) components. This tattoo design stands out in a strong way due to the contrast between its precise, crisp lines and the body’s contours.


Tattoo by Migelly ShawTattoo by Chris Chant Full Spectrum Tattoo

Glitch Tattoo

This particular aesthetic has distorted visuals that resemble waves or “tv static” to warp and disfigure subject matters.  It takes designs from more conventional forms, such as blackwork, and distorts them to produce unique pieces.

Tattoo by TattoosbyarchieTattoo by max Amos

Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti tattoo designs employ street-style art to produce tattoo patterns that, like the Glitch aesthetic, are frequently connected to a punk subculture. Contrary to Glitch, Graffiti combines more modern script and cartoon styles with more classical aspects like black lines, structured shapes, heavy outlines and shadows.

ImageTattoo by CB Ink

Handpoke / Stick and Poke Tattoo

One needle, one simple design. Both professional tattoo artists and do-it-yourselfers use the stick-and-poke technique. A skilled tattoo artist only needs one needle to take a simple design to great artistic heights. Tattoos that are hand-poked feel nearly primordial in nature due to the lack of any machines in the process, pure silence!

To create a stick-and-poke tattoo, a tattoo needle is fastened to the end of a rod such as a pencil or chopstick, but these days you can buy professional hand poking equipment, so let’s leave the chopsticks for dinner!

Tattoo by Amy JonesTattoo by Hello Hunter

Horror Tattoo

They come in all shapes and sizes, but they’ll still make your skin tingle! Most often horror tattoos are done by see realism artists and they look incredible in both colour and black and grey.

Freddy Krueger, Halloween, The Shining, Frankenstein, and Hellraiser are among the popular horror-themed tattoos.

Tattoo by SharpythebladeTattoo by Tattoosbybumer

Hyper-Realism / Photo Realism Tattoo

Once tattoo machines advanced from their traditional roots to medical-grade technologies, photorealistic and hyper detailed tattoos began to appear. As time goes on, the level in which these artists create continues to expand, making hyper realism pro’s stand out from the rest.

An expert hyper realism / photo realism tattoo artist will painstakingly recreate your design pieice by piece on your skin, just like a photograph, paying close attention to every last detail.

Your tattoo will be brought to life by your artist using precise lines, contrast, shading, and 3D effects, as well as various needle sizes and groupings.

Tattoo by Andrew SmithTattoo by Aaron Norton

Ignorant Tattoo

The Ignorant Tattoo Style is a fairly new tattoo style. The hallmarks of the Ignorant Tattoo Style are simple tattoos that look like a child could have drawn it and are humorous or crude in nature. They are usually mostly line work and have a slight wonky look to them.

Tattoo by lipnetattoobambino.techno

Illustrative Tattoo

A large variety of work can be called Illustrative, and that is because there are so many techniques and art movements that inspired it! From etching and engraving, to abstract expressionism, and even fine line calligraphy, this tattoo style is extremely versatile.

Many artists who work in this style will blend their own aesthetic with it to create a whole new style of their own…but as long as their tattoos look like they could belong on a piece of paper or a canvas hanging up in gallery, you know it’s Illustrative!


Indian Tattoo

Many parts of India have their own cultural traditions regarding tattoos.

The Apatani up until it was banned in the 1970s, practiced tattooing the faces of young women with blue marking to make them appear unattractive, preventing neighboring tribes from abducting them.

The Singhpo of Arunachal and Assam tattooed the legs of married women and the hands of married men.


Japanese / Horimono Tattoo

The traditional Japanese style of tattooing was estimated to have begun during the Edo period (1603-1868). At this period, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints were at the height of their popularity.

Tattoos of Suikoden heroes and other mythological entities like dragons, kirins, and phoenixes are a few examples of the motifs taken from the country’s rich history and applied in this ancient type of body art.

In other words, every tattoo created with this technique tells a tale about the colourful history of Japan. This is what gives Horimono works’ their dramatic smoke and wave-filled appearance in addition to their incredible emotional impact.

Alexander ChangNick Tran

Kawaii Tattoo

Kawaii is a phrase that originated in Japan and is used to describe cuddly, charming, and loving objects as a spin-off of anime and popular culture. Kawaii tattoos often have an anime aesthetic and are incredibly sweet and colourful.


Lettering Tattoo

One of the most common approaches to tattoo design, this style focuses on the literary elements of the tattoo and can take several shapes. This style is distinguished by the delivery of written meaning, whether it is done using Latin characters, the Arabic, Cyrillic, or Kanji alphabets. As a result, you may witness a wide variety of numbers, phrases, and symbols created using almost every font type.


Maori Tattoo

Ta Moko, a culture rich tattoo that the NZ Maori are famous for, is featured on the faces of males, and for women is tattooed on the lips, chin, and occasionally the nostrils.
Many people still get tattoos nowadays, although they frequently opt to have them on their arms, shoulders, or chest, where as Ta Moko is worn proudly on the face, unhidden.

Originally, they served as representations of social position, authority, rank, and prestige, but now Ta Moko is ritualized and cherished as part of someone’s rite of passage into maturity.


Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas have been used for thousands of years in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian religions as both a form of art and a method of meditation. Ancient monks drew elaborate mandalas on the ground in temples, and Hindus employed mandalas in their meditation spaces to aid with concentration.

The name “mandala” really means “circle” in Sanskrit, yet there are also lotus- and oval-shaped mandala tattoos.

By getting a mandala tattooed on your body, you may bring more awareness, calm, and love into your life. Mandala tattoos are a stunning and sophisticated geometrical fine-line design made up of shapes and symbols that radiate from the centre outward.


Micro / Small Tattoo

Tiny but Mighty! The moniker “micro” refers to how little the tattoos are. However, some of these micro tattoos are incredibly intricate. Whether it’s a mini portrait, a mini shape or quote, micro tattoos are extremely trendy in 2023.


Minimalistic Tattoo

These tattoos are usually single pieces that have been broken down into their most fundamental parts. Numerous minimalist tattoos may be seen in strange locations on the body, like the inner lip, in between the fingers, and within the ear. Simple tattoos often feature the silhouettes of animals, geometric patterns, and other elements of nature.


Native American Tattoo

While there are numerous similarities between Polynesian and Native American tattooing, the latter has diverse patterns. Each tribe has its own 

tattooing style, with each design being special and significant to the person getting it. Native American tattooing was intensely spiritual and performed for healing and protection.

Despite the fact that invasion and colonialism destroyed a large portion of Native American cultures and customs, these old arts are currently seeing a revival. Early Native American tattooing techniques involve poking the tattoo into the skin with a sewing needle and a thread that has been dyed.


Negative Space Tattoo

In this design approach, a pattern’s blank spaces are used to create a design. The “negative area” will have blackwork surrounding it to bring attention to “what isn’t there.” This method is typically used for larger blackout and blackwork initiatives.

black_pariahblack_pariah tattoo

Neotraditional Tattoo

As the name suggests, neo-traditional is an advancement of traditional fashion. It has the same prominent linework and intensely vivid colours as its predecessor, but it also has an illustration-like feel. This is due to the significant impact of Art Nouveau and Art Deco aesthetics on Neo-Traditional painters.

The primary distinction between traditional and neo-traditional tattoos is that the latter frequently features a wider colour scheme and a wider variety of themes and subject areas. The use of natural images, such as flowers and animals, as well as lavish, ornate embellishments, are hallmarks of works created in this style.

Jake Danielson TattooTom Bartley

New School Tattoo

The new school looks to graffiti and cartoon art, as well as hip-hop and pop art for inspiration. Due to their vivid colours, degradês, irreverent themes, and purposeful disproportions, the tattoos are instantly identifiable. In general, there is a cartoonish appearance, lots of customizing options, and a wild and imaginative concept.


Optical Illusion Tattoo

An optical trick, the visual experience of a tattoo that deceives your brains perception. Cognitive, literal, and physiological optical illusions are the three main categories; each one stimulates the brain in a different way to lead to a false experience of reality. The optical illusion won’t function if there is even a slight placement or alignment error, so precision is key with an optical illusion tattoo.


Ornamental Tattoo

Tattoos with ornamental patterns typically centre on spiritual images like mandalas and incorporate additional elements like flowers and crystals around them. These patterns are typically extremely delicate and seem like exquisite jewellery. But don’t assume that means they should only be observed! These patterns frequently have profoundly spiritual connotations.


Patch / Sticker Tattoo

The effect of a sticker or embroidered patch is achieved by combining the methods of traditional tattoo styles with a solid white (or coloured) stroke/outline and a light shadow. At this time, sticker tattoos are very trendy. If you want a sticker or patch design, talk to a Realism tattoo artist.


Pixel Art Tattoo

While the visual quality of computer games is getting better, nostalgia for older 8-bit graphics is growing. Pixel art tattoos bring back memories of our first video game experiences.

Although pixelation has mostly been connected to the digital sphere, it is steadily finding its way into the tattoo industry. Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong come to mind when thinking about pixelated old video game tattoos, but more lately, this style is being combined with different tattoo designs.


Polygon Tattoo

Polygons, which are 2D shapes constructed from straight lines and include triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, rectangles, and hexagons, are frequently utilized to create more abstract tattoos covering a wide range of subjects.


Polynesian (Tribal) Tattoo

Indigenous body art, such as tribal tattoos, has been practised for thousands of years. This style encompasses several distinct tattooing traditions used by indigenous peoples from all over the world.

Tribal is often used as a catchall term for a wide range of stunningly varied artistic expressions, but a trained eye will immediately recognize that Polynesian body art is distinct from Marquesan or Maori tattoos, or that the tattoos on the faces of Inupiaq matriarchs are distinct from those on Berber women. Each of these trends is distinctive in its own way, but they all have one thing in common: they are virtually always executed in black and include complex patterns.


Pop Art Tattoo

Pop art tattoos are inspired by the 1950s and 1960s pop art movements. Pop art motifs, compositional techniques, and colour schemes are used by tattoo artists in pop art tattoos. Pop art tattoos frequently include vivid colours, bold black lines, lithographic and collage elements, dotting, and depictions of characters, celebrities, and everyday objects.


Pop Culture Tattoo

Famous figures from the worlds of pop culture (from the 1980s onward) serve as inspiration for a wide variety of tattoo designs. Despite them being a specific tattooing style, “Pop Culture” refers to a topic that incorporates elements of Anime, Realism, Hyperrealism, and Black and Grey. Toy Story, Crash Bandicoot, Marvel/The Avengers, Batman, etc. are all popular choices for Pop Culture tattoos.


Portrait Tattoo

You can get portrait tattoos of renowned persons or just the folks you cherish. They need a highly competent tattoo artist to make and have a very realistic appearance. Tattoos or portraits can be basic or quite elaborate, and they can be coloured or black and grey. Among tattoo lovers, a well-done portrait tattoo is usually a hot topic of conversation.


Prison Style Tattoo

The practice of getting tattooed while incarcerated is known as prison tattooing. Some inmates use their artwork to declare their gang affiliation, while others select drawings that represent their time behind bars. A tattoo can also serve as a symbol or code for someone to publicly confess to their misdeeds.

Inmates cannot get the necessary supplies or equipment since tattooing is illegal in US jails. Using the resources at hand, such as paper clips, staples, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, and other miscellaneous spare components, they create new techniques and tools. Additionally, they innovate their ink by using it in pens or creating it themselves using items like melted Styrofoam, plastic, rubber, soot, and shampoo.

As Stick and poke tattooing gains momentum, the look of “Prison style” tattoos created outside of prison walls is becoming more popular.


Psychedelic Tattoo

Inspired by San Francisco’s psychedelic poster art, Psychedelic Tattoos aim to portray a hallucinogenic state of consciousness where anything is possible.

Popular psychedelic tattoos include anything from drugs and drug paraphernalia to peace signs and mushrooms, aliens, civil right movments or third eyes.


Realism / Realistic Tattoo

Although classic realism has been a feature of great art since the Renaissance, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that it began to appear in tattoos. In the years following, this innovative tattoo concept flourished and became wildly popular.

Currently, you can discover stunning colour or black and grey realism tattoos of just about every celebrity you can think of, as well as realistic images of nature and just about anything else you can imagine.


Religious Tattoo

Tattoos representing a person’s religious or philosophical ideas can serve as powerful emblems of such convictions. The majority of these tattoos have religious or spiritual connotations since they depict or hint at universally positive concepts like love, faith, and hope.


Samoan Tattoo

The pe’a, a tattoo often seen on men from the waist to the knees, and the malu, a more elaborate pattern typically found on women from the knees to the upper shoulder, are both parts of the Samoan culture.

Modern samoan tattoos are often featured on the chest, arm/sleeve and bicep.

For Samoans, they are symbols of reverence, honour, rank, communal pride, position, and authority.


Script Tattoo

Script tattoos are similar to lettering, in which they usually display words, numbers or phrases, but unline some lettering tattoos, script is a completely custom design that is most commonly in a cursive style. Script tattoos shouldn’t be created using typefaces/fonts because they are meant to be entirely unique to suit the body or location of the tattoo.

The most common subjects for script tattoos are the names of loved ones, song lyrics, quotes and lines of poetry.


Single Line / One Line Tattoo

The artist uses what appears to be one continuous motion to tattoo a form’s outermost outline and any dramatic alterations inside it in the continuous line tattoo style. A tattoo with a continuous line pattern resembles an “outline drawing” without any colouring, and it seems as though the tattoo machine is never lifted from the skin.

takeme2atlantisTattoo by hybridink.helsinki

Sketch Tattoo

Tattoos of sketches are typically inked in black to resemble graphite pencils. But they can also be coloured (mostly red is used). This style of design mimics the look of hand-drawn elements, including overlapping lines, uneven brushwork, and incomplete details. Some areas of the drawing are merely blank spaces, and the shading is aggressive and harsh. These contrasting elements help the design achieve its goal of being seen as a result of a more organic manufacturing process rather than as perfect.


Stained Glass Tattoo

Bold outlines with solid colour infills mimic a stained glass aesthetic that is typically found in antique and medieval structures, just as it sounds. Religious themes or artistic representations of churches are frequently seen in stained glass tattoos.


Surrealism Tattoo

The surrealist movement in art provides a wealth of inspiration for artists. The artist has succeeded in achieving their goal if the observer leaves the encounter with a sense of exquisite fantasy, regardless of the creative form or subject. The incredible tattoos shown here are the creations of Milanese tattoo artist Pietro Sedda, proprietor of the business “Saint Mariner”.


Torn Skin Tattoo

Torn skin tattoos are organic handmade optical illusions made to look like genuine tears or rips in the skin to show bone or mechanical pieces, much as anatomic and biomechanical tattoos. Although it takes some time to complete, the final image is stunning. We advise chatting with a Biomechanical or Realism tattoo artist if you’re searching for this kind of tattoo.


Traditional (Old School) Tattoo

The Classic American Tattoo style, Traditional, also referred to as “old-school”, is characterized by bold lines, vibrant colours, and famous images like sailors, flowers, anchors, and beautiful women.

Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry, Lyle Tuttle and Bert Grimm, among others, have left an indelible mark on the history of traditional tattooing making it a fan favourite.

You just can not go wrong with a Trad tattoo. When in doubt, trad it out!


Trash Polka Tattoo

Germany’s Buena Vista Tattoo Club invented Realistic Trash Polka. It was made by Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky and is immediately identifiable for its detailed collage-like design and sampling from printed materials including photographs, torn paper, handwriting, paint splatters, and typewriting as well as the use of halftone gradients.


UV / Glow in the Dark Tattoo

The brilliant, fluorescent pigments used in UV tattoos, often known as glow-in-the-dark tattoos, are challenging to see in natural light. However, these patterns appear to glow under ultraviolet (UV) lighting because of the particular wave of light they emit. While it may seem that glow-in-the-dark tattoos would illuminate any place, in reality, the effect only manifests when the tattoos are exposed to UV light.

Due to the neon trend in the 1990s, this type of tattoo gained popularity and is still being experimented with (safely and professionally) in the tattoo industry today. When the technique was first established, painters utilized phosphorous-based ink, a known carcinogen; nowadays, traditional—though exceedingly bright—pigments are used to get the same effect.


Viking / Norse Tattoo

The Vikings were medieval Scandinavian warriors known for their brutal maritime raids and body art. The majority of the designs worn by real Vikings were probably made up of geometric patterns, knotted formations, and runic symbols. While similar styles are still in demand today, the fashion also incorporates unconventional motifs influenced by Norse mythology and figures like Odin and Thor.


Watercolour Tattoo

Although working with watercolours on canvas or paper sounds like childs play, achieving it with tattoo ink on the human body is not an easy task.

Watercolour tattoos present a delicate, colourful subject matter with brush soaked watery pastels, usually subject matters include birds, flowers and other animals.


White Ink / White Tattoo

White ink tattoos require a skilled and experienced tattoo artist. Make sure the artist you hire is knowledgeable on how to correctly apply white ink for your particular skin tone. White ink will appear differently on different skin types, appearing brighter on darker skin and much more subdued on light skin.

White ink tattoos have become very popular among Blackout tattoo fans, by using the white ink over the top of their completely black saturated tattoos.

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