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At Australian Tattoo Expo, we have over 1,000 extremely talented Tattoo Artists from across Australia and across the globe that are either attending or have previously attended our event. You can browse through all of these Tattoo Artist profiles by selecting a tattoo style that you like. With so many artists available, you're sure to find the one for you!

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SouthCoast Tattoo



Js Tattoo Melbourne


7Fukujin tattoo




JsTattoo Melbourne



Blood money tattoo


A.K Tattoo

Rah Kris Tattoo Studio

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Aan Tattoo

Goldfinger Tattoo

Your Chance to Attend a Gathering of the Finest Australian Tattoo Artists

Australian tattoo artists are among the best in the world, and they are to be found all over the country. You will find one here, one there, maybe in your neck of the woods, and maybe not. There is at least one tattooist in most towns these days, even in quite small communities, but if you use your local one, you are taking potluck in a way, because you don’t really know what they are capable of. There is no element of choice, and you might be lucky or not so lucky. Your local tattoo designer might be an unsung genius, but whether they are or not, they are all you’ve got. However, there is a way around that.

Only occasionally will you find all the talented individuals in one place, but at our Australian Tattoo Expo – and there is one coming up near you – the collective brilliance is amazing. These are showcases for tattoo artists and every one worth their salt wants to take their skills to a wider audience and build their client base, so this is your chance to get access to people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Admission prices are low, so all you have to do is pick the event that’s closest to you, maybe arrange some time off, and then make a fun trip out of it.