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Bulls Tattoo

Mr Ink Bali



Dasheen Tattoo


Dewa prad

Motherland tattoo studio bali


Doan Montolalu

Inked Up Tattoo Parlour Bali



JsTattoo Melbourne



MaddyZink Tattoos


Neeko ye

Js Tattoo Melbourne



Frog tattoo

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All of the artists shown above are attending the Melbourne Australian Tattoo Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, November 29-1, 2024.

To secure a booking or request a quote, contact our current and previous exhibiting tattoo artists directly via the social media and website links found on their individual profiles.

For new enquiries with a tattoo artist, we recommend sending the artist the following information:
– The style of the tattoo you want to get. Not sure what style? Check out our Tattoo Style A-Z list here.
– The size of the Tattoo you want to get (if it’s an Australian artist, go with CM and MM, if it’s an American artist, go with inches)
– Placement of the Tattoo (where you want it to go, IE arm, leg, stomach etc)
– Explain any important details of the tattoo that you need or require (IE, subject matters, names, spelling etc)
– Any reference images of other similar Tattoos or of Tattoos that you like (this helps the artist see that you’ve done some research of your own and that you’re taking this seriously).
– Provide some dates or days and hours of your usual availability, this helps the artist find a suitable time without going back and forth with days and times that you aren’t going to be able to do.
– Most importantly, current and correct contact details!
– If you have any questions or concerns about your potential new tattoo, mention them to the artist.

Things to consider when messaging an artist about a new tattoo:
– Tattoo Artists are people too, treat them how you’d like to be treated… “Hey how much for this” doesn’t fly well in the inbox of a tattoo artist. Tattoo artists get a lot of booking requests and emails, so being polite will help set your message apart from the rest and show that you’re pleasant to work with.
– Some artists may or may not accept emails, or may not accept Direct Messages on social media, take a second to check out the social media of the artist to see how they’d prefer you to get in contact with them.
– Don’t forget to check your spam and junk folders after you’ve contacted an artist, sometimes they get lost and you don’t want to miss your opportunity for a new tattoo to a rookie error like the emails going to your spam!
– Remember, good tattoos take time and you get what you pay for.
– Give the artist some time to get back to you, by day they are tattooing, by night they are mostly preparing for the next day’s tattoo, so they may take some time to respond to your enquiry. If you’re super eager, wait 2 weeks, if there’s no response, try again with a polite reminder of your previous email.

Good luck and have fun!

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