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Shi*test Tattoo Competition – Hosted by Pauly

Got a terrible tattoo that needs to be seen to be believed?
Got an Ex’s name tattooed on you?
Did you get a stupid tattoo one night on the turps? Then this competition’s for you!

This December will see a whole new revamped Shi*test Tattoo Competition held by the one true shi*thouse champion, Pauly (Housos, Fat Pizza, Bogan Hunter etc.). Held on the Main-Stage on Sunday at 3:30PM, Pauly will be hosting the competition and will have a heap of great prizes to give away to the Shi*test Tattoo of the day!

Get to the Information office and register for the competition to jump up on the main stage and have your tattoo critiqued. Who knows, maybe we can give you something to help rid you of that terrible tattoo?

Entries for the Shi*test Tattoo Competition will cost $5.00, to be paid at the Information Office located inside the event.

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