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Are you ready Perth?

Pinup icons Bettie Butcher and Bettie Bang Bang present Perth Pinups! An inclusive, new, and super fun pageant held on Saturday the 10th September at 1pm and 3pm on the Perth Tattoo Expo Main Stage!

Hosted by Perth’s Queen of Kink, Wild Kat, Perth Pinups aims to bring the pinuo and Tattoo communities together at the Perth Tattoo Expo and celebrate their close ties!

Consisting of two rounds, Perth Pinups will showcase showcase Perth pinup scene as finalists compete in Daywear and Evening wear categories for the crown and title of 2022 Perth Pinup!

To enter, click HERE to submit your application now!

Once you have submitted your application, please email 2 photos of yourself with photographer credits to bettiebangbangevents@gmail.com

Applications close at 6pm on Friday 26th August, with finalist announcements made on Saturday 27th August!

10 finalists will be selected to be a part of Perth Pinups at the Perth Tattoo Expo to take the stage at this fun, family friendly event. The winner will receive a crown, sash and prize pack, runner up will receive a sash and prize pack, and all 10 finalists will receive finalist sashes!

All applicants must be 18 years or older, and able to compete in Perth Pinups at the Perth Tattoo Expo on Saturday 10th September 2022.


The Rounds : 

Round 1 – Daywear – All finalists will take to the stage dressed in their favourite pinup / vintage inspired daywear whilst their bio is read out by Kat Wilde on stage. Finalists are encouraged to interact with the crowd, pose for the cameras and have fun!

Round 2 – Eveningwear – All finalists will take to the stage dressed in their favourite pinup / vintage inspired evening wear whilst they are on stage. Finalists are encouraged to prepare poses, interact with the crowd and have fun!

Finalists will be judged on presentation, posing, confidence and overall performance on stage.

Judges will be announced shortly – all judges are well known in the pinup and tattoo scenes, and will receive identical scoring sheets. Please note, it is not a requirement as a conflict of Perth Pinups to be tattooed.

Finalists will have an allocated changing area for the duration of the pageant. Once rounds are completed, judges will take time to deliberate before announcing the runner-up and winner of the pageant on stage. Once this is complete, all finalists will have the opportunity it to have photos taken in front of the Australian Tattoo Expo Promo Wall.

If you have any questions about the pageant, please contact Bettie Bang Bang via email bettiebangbangevents@gmail.com

*Winners from each state are not permitted to enter other states and compete.

*Bullying, gasligting and negative behaviour will not be tolerated. All pinups involved are valid, and we do our best to build the pinup community up as much as we can.