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Sullen Angels Australia Contestant Profile

Talysha Ritchie (QLD)

Let us know a little about yourself, please?

Talysha is a home town girl with a city edge. She has risen from a shy teenager into a stunning confident proud tattooed woman who is loves to encourage everyone to embrace their differences and be proud of who they are. WHEN she is not at work creating works of art of people's hair you can find her cuddled up to her crazy but cute pets. Don't underestimate her size as she can down a pizza in less than 10 minutes and still have room for dessert.

Tell us about your tattoos; do you have a favourite and do you have a preferred style or artist?

My first tattoo is still my favourite piece. It’s a small simple script of my sisters name, it serves as a constant reminder she is watching over me so of course I have to keep her entertained. My realism sleeve is a representation of my obsession with Greek mythology with medusa, Athena and her shield. My sternum piece is script that says “imperfection is beautiful” which was a powerful message my parents relayed to me growing up. On my other arm is a neo traditional design of a fox and a skull hand entwined in flowers. My neck piece is a beautiful Egyptian Sphinx Cat whose name is Hugo. My peonies on my chest are light, delicate and feminine. I love the technicalities of dot work hence why on my shin I have a mandala piece and my calf I have a beautiful geometric dot work of two deers and a tree.

Why do you think you should be the next Australian Sullen Angel?

Becoming Miss Sullen Angel Australia would allow me to continue to show all women that by believing in yourself and grabbing all opportunities that life presents, others will see the real amazing person you are inside and that you can conquer anything. Most importantly that together we can rise above on wings of confidence. 
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