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Sullen Angels Australia Contestant Profile

Rachel McGregor (NSW)

Let us know a little about yourself, please?

I'm a lot of energy in a tiny package. My life revolves around being tattooer/model/studio owner/mum who is also passionate about food and stalked by the number 33.

Tell us about your tattoos; do you have a favourite and do you have a preferred style or artist?

My tattoos are very eclectic. Some with deep connections or profound meaning. Others just for a laugh or because I love the artist and wanted to give them the freedom to create. I've been blessed with work from Benjamin Laukis, Teneile Napoli, Jimi Litwalk, Clint Hawes plus another 30 or so artists but of all the styles, pieces and people that have contributed to my journey and creation of identity one artist and one piece stand above for me. At three my son did his first tattoo on my leg, the pride and joy he derives from it bares no parallel. A bit of a cop out but he is my favourite artist. My favorite piece includes my dogs ashes. Not something for everyone but having her with me everyday in a tangible way is hard to top.

Why do you think you should be the next Australian Sullen Angel?

This is hard. I'm honored to be in the same category as the other contestants. I would say my point of difference is being a tattooer. Its given me an inside appreciation and love for all this industry is. A drive to be a positive face for heavily tattooed women. As Ive watched the art, beauty, tattoo and community that Sullen foster for near a decade its something I've always wanted to be a part of and truly believe I can contribute to.
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