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Want a little glimpse into what happens at the Australian Tattoo Expo?
Check out our Australian Tattoo Expo Highlight Video above for a taste of what’s on offer!


Research tattoo styles with our A-Z List of Tattoo Styles

Are you wondering which tattoo style suits your taste? Seeking a unique and distinctive choice for your next tattoo?
Perhaps you’re eager to explore the world of tattoos and discover what it has to offer.
With over 80 diverse styles and types of tattooing, making a decision can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in – we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!


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For 15 electrifying years, the Australian Tattoo Expo has been the heartbeat of body art Down Under. It unites ink enthusiasts with the top tattoo talent from around the globe.

Step into the exclusive world of Australia’s premier tattoo event.

We’ve built a haven where safety, quality, and client satisfaction reign supreme. Our haven bridges the gap between the curious and the committed.

Our expo caters to everyone, from first-time observers to seasoned veterans. It curates a space where every aspect, from entertainment to education, is carefully crafted. The National Tour promises an exclusive journey through the diverse talent of tattoo culture. It includes stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Get ready to find the artist you’ve been looking for , with up to 450 tattoo icons showcasing their skills under one roof. The expo features live stage performances, prestigious award ceremonies, intense competitions and the famous Shittest Tattoo comp.
Uncover the latest trends and techniques shaping the industry. With our artist library at your fingertips, pre-book your dream tattoo or take the plunge and get inked on the spot.

But beyond the ink, our expo is a celebration of community and inclusivity. We welcome artists and enthusiasts of all backgrounds and identities. We pride ourselves on providing a platform for talent to thrive and client’s to have access to the best.
Join us at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, December 6-8 as we continue to redefine the boundaries of body art and invite you to experience the magic of the tattoo industry like never before.



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