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Coney Island Freakshow


Get ready Australia, This year, the Australian Tattoo Events team have collaborated with world renowned, Strut & Fret Productions, to bring all new, freshingly shocking entertainment to the Australian Tattoo Expo circuit in 2019.

Refer to the Stage Timetable to see when the Coney Island Freakshow team will be performing.

Meet the Freaks:

Captain Ruin

Introducing Captain Ruin (@captainruin), Australia’s notorious carnie with old school charm. His twisted sense of humour and daredevil antics will entice you for more!
Captain Ruin has previously toured with Circus Oz, with over 200 performances under his belt across Australia and the the rest of the globe. Strap yourself in!

Heather Holliday

Introducing the one and only Heather Holliday (@heatherswallows) – all the way from Edinburgh where she was a former Coney Island freak show girl turned world- wide sensation. She tours across the globe swallowing swords and fire breathing, leaving her vivacious mark wherever she goes.

Marlena Dali

Marlena Dalí is the gutsy carny-miscreant of your wettest and weirdest dreams. Former Venice Beach Freakshow snake charmer, and current Juggalo heartthrob, a high school drop-out with a master’s degree, Marlena is as versatile as they come with guaranteed graphic, non-binary moments on stage!