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Unsure which tattoo style is for you? Looking for something a little different for your next tattoo? Or maybe you’re just wanting to learn more about what’s out there? In 2023 there is over 80 different styles and types of tattoos and tattooing. We’ve done the hard yards for you and have compiled a massive list of every type of tattooing we could think of.

Click HERE to browse our extensive list of A-Z tattoo styles.


At Australian Tattoo Expo, we have over 1,000 extremely talented Tattoo Artists from across Australia and across the globe that are either attending or have previously attended our event. You can browse through all of these Tattoo Artist profiles by selecting a tattoo style that you like. With so many artists available, you’re sure to find the one for you!

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So you’ve done your research on tattoo styles and you’ve found an artist exhibiting at Australian Tattoo Expo that you love, what now? At Australian Tattoo Expo you can book with an artist beforehand, get a walkup tattoo on the day or get yourself a little (or big) flash piece! To get tattooed though, you’ll need a ticket!

Click HERE to purchase your Australian Tattoo Expo tickets, if you’re getting a larger piece you may need a 2 Day or 3 Day pass!



Want a little glimpse into what happens at the Australian Tattoo Expo?
Check out our 2022 Australian Tattoo Expo Highlight Video below for a taste of what’s on offer!

Buy tickets to the australian tattoo expo

Melbourne Featured Artists


    Alessio Vanzan

    Kamar-Taj tattoo

    Screenshot 2023-10-06 105043

    Anna Rose Tattoo

    Justat Tattoo Supplies



    Happenink tattoo

    Screenshot 2023-10-03 091508

    Charlie Darling

    Amore Tattoo

    Screenshot 2023-10-03 085900

    David Le Goon

    Emotiv People



    The Black Mark

    horishin-momotaro – Dennis Chang


    Needlepower Tattoo

    Screenshot 2023-09-14 140005

    Jax Hellrazor

    Kailua Studio

    Screenshot 2023-09-14 141726

    Moniker Ng

    The Black Mark

    Screenshot 2023-10-20 101418

    Nick Noonan

    Magna Tattoo


    Nick Tran

    N2N Tattoo

    Screenshot 2023-09-14 140734




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2023, The biggest year for Tattooing in Australia.

2023 begins an all-new chapter for Australia’s biggest and best Tattoo Event and you’re invited to experience the Tattoo Industry up close and personal.

The Australian Tattoo Expo is BACK in Melbourne, December 1-3, and we’ve made sure to make some extra room to accomodate the huge amount of artists that are chewing at the bit to leave their mark on you, permanently!

– Celebrating body art with over 350 Tattoo Artists under one roof
– Brand new, exclusively curated entertainment
– Tattoo and body piercing merch available from unique and exclusive tattoo themed vendors
– World Leading Tattoo Competitions, as Australia’s and the World’s best and most talented Tattoo Artists fiercely tattoo for top spot

The Australian Tattoo Expo is a world leading Tattoo Event in the Southern Hemisphere with a serious emphasis on talent. Consider yourself invited for a chance to explore and learn about different tattoo genres, histories, trends and techniques, and for a glimpse into the niche and complex culture of tattooing and body art.

Nowhere else can you see the crème of the crop tattoo live, get tattooed on the spot yourself, meet the industry’s most talented or even discover your next artist and make yourself a future appointment.

This is your chance to take part in the most spectacular Tattoo Event the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen. Join us this June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Australian Tattoo Expo 2023 Tour Dates